How to Make a Thermos

So today we are going to make thermos at home.


-One glass bottle with cap (0.5 liters) (PLASTIC BOTTLE WILL NOT WORK!!!)

-One plastic bottle with cap (1.5 liters according to the size of glass bottle)

-One foam spray can (24 oz is enough)

-Duct tape

Step 1: First Step Is That We Are Going to Cut Plastic Bottle for Glass Bottle Inside.

So it should look like that:

Step 2: Then We Put Cap From Plastic Bottle to the Bottom and Put Glass Bottle Right on Cap

Step 3: Next We Take Foam and Spray It Around Glass Bottle

Be careful and take gloves with you because foam may not be cleaned. When you filled the foam, wait for one day to let it dry up.

Step 4: After Foam Is Dry We Cut Extra Foam

Step 5: Then We Tape the Bottle With Duct Tape

Step 6: We Are Done! Enjoy Your Thermos



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    1 year ago

    That's a neat idea :) How long will it keep things cold?

    1 reply