How to Make a Time Lapse With Your Android Phone

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If you are an android user and you want to make a time lapse with your smartphone, you are in the right Instructable.

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Step 1: Materials: Camera App for Android

You will need those materials for the proyect:

1- A tripod.

2- An Android or IOS smartphone.

3- Smartphone Stand holder for tripod

Here is the apk of the Android app!

Download the apk clicking here:

Step 2: Dowload the App.

First you need to install the app after download it, then open it. As you can see in the images the camera app interface is easy to understand, select the Intervalometer mode and configure the time lapse options to your need, then click on start now, and let it take the pictures while the smartphone is holded by the holder and the tripod.

Download Apk clicking here

Step 3: Let's Capture Our Time Lapse Images.

Put your smartphone looking right where you want to capture, set the app, and let it be.

Step 4: Make the Time Lapse (Premiere Pro)

1-Copy all the pictures to your PC.

2-Open Premiere Pro

3-Import all the pictures to premiere pro, with the "image sequence" check box checked.

4-Drag the fotage to the sequence and add the music you want.

5-Export your clip and wait it codification.

6-Enjoy your Time Lapse.


Enjoy it, share it, and subscribe.

Step 6:



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