How to Make a Tiny Bug Robot at Home

Introduction: How to Make a Tiny Bug Robot at Home

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Make a Tiny Bug robot that is powered by a coin cell and moves very fast randomly like an insect. You can change and experiment with the shape of legs to change the direction of motion.

Step 1: Materials

1. Coin cell Holder

2. Coin cell battery

3. LEDs--------------- x 2

4. ON/Off Switch

5. Vibrator motor from an old mobile phone

6. Two Hard Wires (about 5 cm)

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take 2 LEDs, fold the -ve legs and cut them short.

2. Take the coin cell Holder and solder the -ve LED legs to the -ve terminal of the Holder.

3. Fold and solder the +ve leg of one LED over the other LED.

4. Take the vibrator motor and using Hot Glue, attach it over the cell Holder.

5. Take an ON/Off switch and using hot glue paste it on the cell Holder.

Note: Refer to the schematics for making connections.

6. Using a small wire, make connection between the motor and the -ve LED legs.

7. Also, make connection between the switch and the +ve terminal of cell Holder.

8. Take another wire, solder it to the motor and the switch terminal.

9. Now, connect the +ve LED legs and the +ve motor terminals together.

10. Take two hard wires and fold them equally to make legs.

11. Using Hot glue, attach the folded wires at the bottom of the bug to make legs.

Insert the Coin cell and our Tiny Bug is ready.

So Guys, this concludes the instructable. Make a bot yourself and have fun with friends.

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