How to Make a Toasted PBJ




Introduction: How to Make a Toasted PBJ

You might think that making a toasted Peanut Butter and Jelly (or Jam for those of you who think jelly is a dessert) sandwich wouldn't require explanation. However, you might also be the sort of person who makes sandwiches out of *shudder* enriched white bread, so we can't really trust you now can we.
No. Obviously we can't.

Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, the PBJ is traditionally made using enriched white bread. However, we are not making a PBJ, we are making a TOASTED PBJ, and enriched white bread should not, under any circumstances, be toasted.

Step 1: Preparation

To start, you're going to need:

1) Bread- I use sliced sourdough, and I will take no responsibility if you use a different type of bread and it doesn't turn out well.

2) Peanut Butter- I use Skippy Super Chunk, but brand is probably not all that important. However, if you use creamy peanut butter it will be even messier than it is going to be already. Use at your own risk.

3) Jelly (or Jam)- I prefer strawberry.

4) Knife

5) Toaster Oven- Yes you really do need a toaster oven, it is an integral part of the process.
(I suppose you could use a blow torch or something similar, but it's very important that the peanut butter melts completely once you've applied it.)

Step 2: Toasting

Take a little time to select your bread. If it has holes in it, the peanut butter and jelly will drip through them. It's not a huge deal, just messy.

Then toast you bread. Personally, I toast mine very lightly, crisp not crunchy, and there should be no color change. That's the lowest setting on my toaster oven, but you may need to keep an eye on yours if you don't know how it's going to turn out.

Step 3: Apply Peanut Butter

Once the toast is ready, pull it out and close the oven. It's important that we maintain some of the residual heat for use in the next step.

Apply an even layer of peanut butter over the whole surface, then put it back into the toaster oven. Don't turn it on, just let the residual heat melt the peanut butter.

If you didn't use a toaster oven, you need to find some other way of melting the peanut butter. A blow torch, or maybe a hot hairdryer on low could work. Anything with decent radiant heat really. (A lighter doesn't cut it, believe me, I've tried.)

Step 4: Apply the Jelly (or Jam)

Once the peanut buttered piece is in the toaster oven, apply the Jelly (or Jam).

Step 5: Combine and Enjoy

Pull the peanut buttered half out of the toaster oven, it should have a nice glossy sheen to it.

Then just combine the two halves, pour yourself a nice big glass of milk, and enjoy. Carefully.

Seriously, because we've melted the peanut butter, it will drip and ooze like nobody's business. Keep a napkin handy, and eat it over something. Peanut butter is not really something you can just wipe off of a shirt.

You might ask why we went to the trouble of melting the peanut butter. Well, honestly, I don't know why, but it just tastes better when it's melted. Maybe it has something to do with the oil in it.

Also, you should be aware that generally, a knife covered in peanut butter will not really clean well in a dish washer. So, before you put it in one, you can either lick it mostly clean (If it's a dull knife and you're careful of serrations), or run it under very hot tap water till it's mostly clean.



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    16 Discussions

    I don't have a toaster oven, just a regular toaster and I've been doing this for years. So much melty pb goodness.

    Some additional tips, I prefer creamy but as the author suggested you get more ooze factor. To combat this I usually use a thinner layer of pb and I don't over toast the bread, otherwise if the bread gets too stiff. If you over toast, when you apply pressure during a bite it will transfer over the whole sandwich, causing the melted pb to ooze even worse.

    A variation I might recommend is instead of using jelly, try it with cream cheese. It's not for everyone, but it makes it the whole deal extra creamy and the sweet of the melted peanut butter contrasts with the sour of the cream cheese into something greater than the sum of its parts.

    1 reply

    I forgot to mention I usually use a bagel with the cream cheese variant, but that gets me thinking that it might be just as good with the right kind of bread slices.

    You ever try making it like a grill cheese sandwich?? Assemble the sandwich per your personal pref (I'm a whole wheat kinda guy, creamy p-nut butter, and seedless Blackberry jam) slap some butter on the outside and drop in a hot non-stick skillet. Brown on both sides. This requires a certain care in consumption as the P-nut butter is hot and runny, but boy is it good...... I mean really good....... Add cold milk and HAPPY TIMES!!!!!

    i LOVE pbj sandwiches and toasting them is an even better way to enjoy them. but... your method is good but rather long winded. all you have to do is put two slices in ONE rack on a toaster, then when theyre done (to personal preference), take them out (duh), cover the toasted sides with PBJ and slap them together and toast the un-toasted sides. easy. apart from the fact everythign drools out the bottom :P (use toaster bags) james nice instructable despite what i said lol

    I use wiaght bred a toaster grape jelly and creamy penutbutter it is allot better than yours

    I have to admit i was hoping for some novel way of toasting the whole sandwich after assembly, but this does look pretty good. Good grades for quality and assumed deliciousness, but not the bleeding edge i've come to expect from instructablees.

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    Slap the whole she-bang into a panini machine or a George Foreman grill if you are old school. Drizzle light oil onto the bread where it will touch the grill. Cook for 2-4 minutes depending upon your machine. Eat with milk and smiles. I have been making this style for a few months on my "too lazy to cook" days for lunch.

    True, it's nothing fancy, I just wanted to show people the correct way to make this sandwich.

    Mmmmmmmm...I shall definitely be trying this...Oh wait...*suddenly remembers that we tossed the toaster oven years ago*...*sobs*...*realizes his tears have ruined the keyboard*...*sobs more because of the ruined keyboard*... That really does look delish. Yes, that is now a word. And enriched white bread doesn't count as bread. That's what you toss into a duck pond. Whole wheat is bread. Rye is bread. Sourdough is bread. Enriched white bread is duck food.

    1 reply

    How'd it get that -1 rating? Doesn't deserve with no tastebuds, I have thwarted you!

    AHH! I give my brother shit EVERY day for doing that to his bread. YOU DIDN'T TOAST IT! YOU JUST DRIED IT OUT! DON'T DRINK ALL THE MILK! STOP WEARING MY UNDERWEAR! *shakes in corner*

    3 replies

    AHH! I give my sister shit EVERY day for over reacting over semantics.