How to Make a Top

Thing you will need

1. 2x2 Cherry blank

2. A lathe

3. Lathe knifes

4.Sand paper

5. Paper towel

6. Dr.Woodshops pen polish/ any finish

7. 30 Min.

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Step 1: Put the Wood on the Lathe and Turn It to a Cylinder

I used my roughing gouge to turn it down in to a 1 inch. cylinder.

Step 2: Next Use the Skew to Shape It

Bring the handle 1/4 of an inch. and make the shape.

Step 3: Next Sand

I use my sand paper that i got from Rockler and went from 120 to 800.

Step 4: Take It Off the Lathe

I just cut it off with a saw.

Step 5: Finish It

I used Dr.woodshops pen polish for this but you can do any type of finish

Step 6:

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