How to Make a Toy Caterpillar




Intro: How to Make a Toy Caterpillar

These make great gifts and desk trinkets too!

(1) You will need:
Multicolored pompoms
Needle & thread
Feathers (Optional)

Step 1: Thread the Needle

 (1) Double-thread the needle with 2 feet of thread for every 9 pompoms. The extra can be used to make smaller ones.

Step 2: Choose Your Colors

 Pick 9 medium sized pompoms from the bag for a standard sized caterpillar. (1) Arrange them in the pattern of your choosing.

Step 3: Stringing

 (1) String the first pompom onto the thread, this will be the head.(2) Continue adding pompoms. (3) Finished stringing!

Step 4: Spacing, Tieing, and Accessorizing!

Space the pompoms apart a tiny little bit. You want the caterpillar to be loose, but the thread should be hidden. (1) Cut the thread and tie it off with a quadruple knot. *Optional: Cut a feather to the right length and stick it in between the head and the 2nd pompom for a crest!

Step 5: The Moment of Truth...

 (1) All done! (2) Now you can make a whole family! Use 10 large for a big one, or 7 small for a little one.



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