How to Make a Toy Panda

Introduction: How to Make a Toy Panda

By: Danny

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Step 1: ​Step One: Gather Materials

You will need these necessary materials to create this toy.


1. Band saw, for cutting out the template and toy.

2. Drill Press, for drilling holes for axel and wheels.

3. Sand paper, for sanding the toy.

4. Router table with ¼ inch round over bit.



1. Axles and wheels.

2. Wood Glue.

3. Black marker paint pen. (You may also use paintbrushes)

4. 2”x6” stock wood or scrap wood.

5. Cardboard to cut out template.

Step 2: Step Two: Find a Photo

Use the internet to find a picture of a panda. I highly recommend using a picture similar to the one above because it’s easy and very recognizable to the side

Step 3: Step Three: Print Your Picture

Once you have found an image, paste it into Microsoft Word, resize it you whatever size you’d like, and then print it.

After you have printed, trace the panda to get its shape. Try to make it look as cartoony as possible!

Step 4: Step Four: Make a Template

Now, cut out your cartooned picture and trace it on a piece of cardboard.

Once you’ve done that, cut it out as accurate as possible.

This template will make it more sturdy than a piece of paper.

Step 5: Step Five: Cutting Out the Panda

Gather your 2x6” stock wood and put your template to trace.

After you have traced it, use the band saw to cut the outline of the panda.

Then draw a black dot on each leg to drill your holes for axles and wheels.

Step 6: Step Six: Router the Edges

To make the edges smoother and safer for a child, router the


1. Always test the router with a piece of scrap wood.

2. Router your toy from left to right until every edge is round.

3. Be sure to keep an eye out for your fingers!


5. Sand your toy to make it very smooth.

Step 7: Step Seven: Paint Your Toy!

Now it’s time for the fun part: Painting!

I recommend outlining the black spots on the panda to make it easier.

I used a black paint marker to color inside the outline, but you can choose to paint however you please!

Step 8: Step Eight: Adding Wheels and Axles

First attach

your wheels and axels together (you should have four).

Put a small amount of glue in the drill holes and stick in the wheel for each side.


Step 9: Step Nine: Enjoy Your Panda Toy!

Congratulations on your finished panda toy!

I hope you have had tons of fun doing with project like me!

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