How to Make a Traditional French Braid




Introduction: How to Make a Traditional French Braid

This is a step by step procedural on how to complete a traditional French Braid on either yourself or others.

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Step 1: Materials:

The materials you will need to complete a french braid are few and simple. You will need a brush, hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, and medium to long hair. 

Step 2: Step 1:Preparing the Hair

First, you will need to brush through the hair making sure there are no tangles and/or knots. Make certain to use a brush not a comb to complete this step.

Step 3: Step 2: Beginning Your Braid

Once the hair is brushed completely, next you will need to grab a section of hair (about 4 finger widths wide) at the crown of the head. Brush this section of hair in order to separate it from the rest of the hair.

Step 4: Step 3: Separate Into Three Sections

Next, separate that section of hair into three sections with an equal amount of hair. Ill refer to these sections as section A, section B, and section C (the section on the left is section A, the middle, section B, and section C on the left). 

Step 5: Step 4: Start Your Braid

The next step is  to pull section A over section B leaving section A in the middle( of the three sections). Pull section B tightly to the left. This helps keep the braid tight and looking more polished. 

Step 6: Step 5: Add the Extra Section of Hair

Pull Section C over section A leaving it in the middle. As you pull section C grab a half-inch section of hair. This hair should be taken from the front of the head by the hairline. This added section of hair now be a part of section C.

Step 7: Step 6: Continue the Pattern

Continue the pattern shown in Step 5 with each section alternating each side. 

Step 8: Step 7: Continue Braiding

Your braid should begin to look like this picture. Continue this pattern until you reach the very bottom of your head. Then, add the remaining hair into 3 sections and braid this rest of the hair as a normal braid. 

Step 9: Step 8: Finishing Touches

Once you have braided the remaining hair, use a hair tie to tie the bottom of the braid. If you plan to wear this braid all day use (minimal) hair spray. Add bobby pins if needed. 

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