How to Make a Transforming Ninja Star!(8 Points!)




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make an awesome paper transforming ninja star!

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Step 1: Materials

8 pieces of paper about 7 by 7 inches is good.

Step 2: Folding

fold diagonally both ways then fold in half then fol two top corners to middle then fold in half then push the back to make a hole (you can see on pic. 5. do that to all seven.

Step 3: Conecting

put two together and then fold two tips and put them in (one pic. one ) do that to every one and then you are finished

Step 4: Finished!

to transform just push and pull the sides to make it transform.

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    Well, your star has 8 points and in Harry Potter they used to give points to the four houses (Gryffindor was one of them).