How to Make a Trash Lamp

Introduction: How to Make a Trash Lamp

This Instructable will show you how to make your own lamp using materials that can be found in the trash.

Step 1: Collect Items


-10-15 beer boxes

-Leather scraps in any color

-Hot glue gun and/or tacky glue


-Box cutter

-Light bulb

-Light bulb screw

-Plug-in wire

Step 2: Lampshade

Cut the handles off of 6-7 boxes for the stand. Set one box aside for the base of the lampshade.

Step 3: Stand

Build the stand by gluing the handles together. Make there be two layers so that it can stand up. After you run out of handles use cardboard to start splitting the layers to form a triangular shape at the base. Make sure both sides are even lengths. Glue strips of cardboard in between layers to wedge it open as you work your way down.

Step 4: Decorating

Cut out labels and images on the beer boxes to decorate the lampshade with. Make sure to have enough to cover the entire thing.

Step 5: Base

When you've decorated the lampshade, cut strips of leather to cover the lamp stand using glue.

Step 6: Bulb

Wire the bulb by connecting it to the light bulb socket. Insert it into one of the holes in the beer box lampshade. Glue a small piece of leather or cardboard to secure the wire to the stand.

Step 7: Done!

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