How to Make a Triangle Pendant With a Coffee Pod (2 Models)




Introduction: How to Make a Triangle Pendant With a Coffee Pod (2 Models)

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Hello everybody,

To diversify from the traditional round shape of the coffee pod, we thought of a way to make them triangle shaped. We hope you like the instructable.

Materials you need to make these 2 triangle models:
5 coffee capsules, in our case we used Vivalto Lungo, flat nose pliers, a Stewart Crafts punch (Hydrangea ), scissors, silver colored mini brads and 2 pendant bails

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Step 1: Watch the Video

To make sure you do not miss any steps, check out this video. It shows you in detail how to work with the coffee pod.

Step 2: Prepare the First Triangle (more 3D)

Draw around your capsule. Cut out the circle. Fold the circle in 6 and mark this 6 lines. Use this circle to divede the coffee pod in 3 afterwards. Use a flat nose plier to fold the coffee pod, where you have marked. Than with your fingers fold the sides completely inward.

Step 3: Prepare the Flower Decoration.

Crush a coffee pod entirely and open in up again. Cut of the bottom and the top. Flatten a bit and you have a nice embossed texture. Use this to cut out your flowers of choice. Now perforate the flowers in the middle as well as the top of a coffee pod. Add a brad to the middle and arrange the petals as you like. Add the prepared flower to the triangle and close. Add a bail and your pendant is done.

Step 4: Prepare the Second Triangle

Use the same cut out paper circle to mark your coffee pod. The difference is, where you mark your capsule, you press with your flat nosed plier as well. Hereafter you fold with the plier as well. Use another top of a capsule to fill the middle and choose a decoration of your liking for the middle. Finish the pendant by attaching a bail. Et voilà you have two different triangle pendants. We hope you like the instructable!!

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    3 years ago

    thanks for sharing this great idea

    Isabel Naomi
    Isabel Naomi

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!