How to Make a Turtle in Minecraft

Introduction: How to Make a Turtle in Minecraft

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This is how to build a Minecraft turtle. The inside is small but you could if you wanted to convert it to a house. But this instructable is about how to build it. Hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: What You Need

What you need to make this turtle is

220 lime green wool

16 green wool

2 black

Step 2: Legs

Make 4 2X2 platforms in green wool. For the first 2 have 4 blocks in between them. Then have the next 2 parallel with the other 2 but 4 blocks between them. Then make them each 2 blocks high.

Step 3:

Now in lime green wool make a platform on top of the legs. It should go across all the legs and then one block around them 1 more block.

Step 4: The Body

Now put another level on the last platform you made but one block smaller then the last one and continue this step 3 more times. Till its closed up.

Step 5: Neck & Head

Now make a neck in the middle of the body that stretches out 5 blocks. Then (follow the pictures) put another layer on it. This part is hard to explain so just look at picture 3 but I will try to explain. So put 2 green blocks and 1 black one on each side of the head. Then put 3x2 blocks on the top of the head (as you see in the picture)

Step 6: All Done

That's it hope you enjoyed. Your turtle is done. Don't forget to vote.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    If you fill it with TNT, put a pressure plate on top, it's a mine turtle!


    4 years ago