How to Make a Two Tiered Stand Out of Thrift Store Items

Introduction: How to Make a Two Tiered Stand Out of Thrift Store Items

About: There is nothing I love more then making something new and usable again that someone else would have thrown out or torn down! And there's no reason to buy new when you can build it yourself!

A trip to my local thrift store and I spent $3.75 on a couple of plates and a candle holder. At walmart I picked up some gloss white rustoleum spray paint and Gorilla glue.

I prepped the glass by washing it thoroughly in vinegar and water and then I lightly sanded all of the surfaces with a really fine grit sand paper.

From there I washed them again, thoroughly dried them and then glued them together. I let them dry for 24 hours before spray painting the entire two tiered stand.

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Step 1: Painting and Completion

So I totally went for it with the white spray paint. I was really cautious to avoid drips so I did several light coats.

Finished! And I totally love it!

The unique rim on top gave me a perk I never even considered, it makes a great jewelry hanger!

I use it for the items I reach for most often, the jasmine essential oil I use as a perfume, a few hair thingys (of course), my tooth brush and the essential rosehip seed oil that I use with my tinkle razor.

All in I think it looks lovely on top of the buffet I converted into a vanity and beside my vessel sink.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Cute! I love all the pieces you chose to put together :)