How to Make a USB Fan From Plastic Bottle





Introduction: How to Make a USB Fan From Plastic Bottle

Hello guys! Today I’m gonna guide you how to make a usb fan ( fan using enery resource from usb connecting to computer ) you can use it easily with laptop and smartphone. It looks really cool!

Now let’s start.

Step 1: You Need a Plastic Bottle

First, I need a plastic bottle, remove the top and bottom of the plastic bottle just retain the middle

Step 2:

then you need a stick to do, do the same way as me

Step 3: Mark Three Corners of the Circle

next is the base of the bottle, mark three corners of the circle in order to they formed by 3 corners of equilateral triangle as you can see

Step 4: Make the Legs of the Fan

use a stick to make the legs of the fan

Step 5: Make the Legs of the Fan (part 2)

divide the stick into 2 parts equally then glue them to the legs of the fan.

Step 6: Make Propellers (part 1)

I take an other plastic bottle, just use its top.

Step 7: Make Propellers (part 2)

Partially chopping them off as you can see I made and then breaking them obliquely as propellers.

Step 8: Connect USB to the Motor DC

Here we use black and red wire usb, connecting them to the motor DC ( here I use motor DC 12V ).

Step 9: ​Use Glue to Stick Motor to the Fan’s Body.

Use glue to stick motor to the fan’s body.

Step 10: Mounted Propellers on the Motor

Mounted propellers on the motor

Step 11: Finished

Connect USB to your laptop or smartphone. That is it !

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    13 Discussions

    Where did you get the motor?

    Ahhh! Nice one. I have found newly created creative table fan made up with PVC

    I made a usb fan also.

    Reaproveitamento, sempre uma boa ideia :D

    This is awesome. Great job.

    A great little fan project! Great idea using the plastic bottle for the fan blades.

    1 reply

    thank you ^^!