How to Make a Unicycle in Solidworks

Introduction: How to Make a Unicycle in Solidworks

This tutorial will teach you how to create a model unicycle in Solidworks.

Step 1: Create the First Sketch

Create a sketch of a circle with diameter 1.00 inches in Solidworks.

Step 2: Extrude

Extrude that circle 5.00 inches. The top of the main frame is now completed.

Step 3: Save and Make Changes

Save the file under a new name and change the extrusion to 10.00 inches.

Step 4: New Sketch

Start a new sketch with rectangle. The dimensions should 1.3x1.

Step 5: Extrude

Extrude that rectangle 4.00 inches and save that part.

Step 6: Holes

Now, create 3 equidistant holes. The corner holes should have a depth of “Through All”, and the center hole should have a .65 in depth.

Step 7: New Sketch

Start a new sketch for the features to create the 2 base parts of the top frame. The dimensions should be 1.5x1.

Step 8: Extrude and Chamfer

Extrude this by 2 inches. Use the chamfer tool with a distance of .2 and an angle of 45 degrees to modify the top edges of the rectangle. Then, create an extruded cut of a cylinder of 1.00 inch diameter through all. Also, create an extruded cut at the top of the rectangle of a depth of .25 inches.

Step 9: Begin Assembly

Time for the assembly! Begin by importing the rectangle origin from step 6 and the bottom and top frame cylinders. You are now going to use a coincident and concentric mate to attach each cylinder to the origin. Finally, import the bottom base parts. This will use both the coincident and concentric mates, but in addition will require a parallel mate.

Step 10: Seat

Time to create the seat! Use the chamfer and fillet tool to carve a rectangle into a seat. Assemble the seat using the concentric and coincident mates to the assembly of the frame.

Step 11: Pedal Crank Rod

Time to create the rod for the pedal crank. To begin, sketch a circle with 1.00 inch diameter and extrude it 6.00 inches. Use the concentric and coincident mates to attach it to the assembly

Step 12: Pedal Crank

To create the pedal cranks, begin by extruding a circle 1.00 inches. Now, create a rectangle of 4.00 inches on the top plane. Now, extrude a hole of .75 into the cylinder. Extrude another rectangle using the right plane and create a cylinder by extruding a circle of 0.60 inches.

Step 13: Pedal

Extrude a rectangle of 4x2 by 1.00 inch and then create a hole of diameter 0.75 and a depth of through all using the boss-extrude tool. Finally, you can customize the pedal any way you want to.

Step 14: Assemble the Pedal and Pedal Crank to the Final Project.

First, connect the crank using a concentric, coincident, and parallel mate. Do the same thing with the pedal, using these three mates to make sure the pedal is parallel and fixed to the frame of the unicycle.

Step 15: Wheel

Create a wheel by sketching a circle of 10.00 inches. Then extrude by .7 inches. Then, you can design the wheel using the circular pattern tool and to finish it off, create a hole in the middle of the wheel by sketching a circle of 1.00 inches and extruding through all.

Step 16: Final Assembly

Assemble the wheel into the frame assembly by using the coincident, concentric and parallel mates. I finished my final assembly by adding colors to some parts.

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    2 Discussions

    Wow this looks awesome, I bet it will look awesome once printed! You also did a very nice job showing each step of the build!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I will upload a picture once I 3-D print it.