How to Make a Upgraded Heat Powered Flashlight

Today I will show you how to make a 3-d printed upgraded heat powered flashlight!

First I have to give credit to Ann Makosinski who invented this to help the poor. I recreated it to work better (in my opinion). Here's the video:

Credit: Ann Makosinski

Please Enjoy!

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Step 1: Parts:

3 small peltiers $23.99 (10)

2 different gauges of magnet wire

2-3 volt light bulb (a led works perfectly) $12.99 (300)

Ferrite core

T12 FTC tubing (it goes over fluorescent lights)

Black paint

Cardboard (just find some)

Aluminum foil (I know you have some)

Scotch or Duck tape (just google it if you don't have any)

2N3904 Transistor or equivalent $2.20 (100)

1k resistor (Brown Black Red) $2.58 (25)


Part 1

You are going to need a link (to download and 3D print my design) so here it is: ETP is 13 hours. I just made that up by the way! It stands for Estimated Time for Printing.

After you finish clearing out all the support beams put it aside for now.

Now we have to make a joule thief. Here is what it does:


Part 2: Making a joule thief

Step 1 burn or sand off the plastic coding do this to two wires.

Take your two strands of wire, and twist the ends together. Thread the twisted end through the toroid, then take the other two ends (Not twisted together) and wind it 8-11 times around the toroid (Don't TWIST the wires) and DON'T add more on even if you can.

Make sure that two wires of the same color are not right next to each other.

Keep winding, and make sure that they are tight.

You want about 8-11 turns on your toroid. Remember this Make sure they are evenly spaced around.

Once you wind around the whole toroid, cut off the extra wire and leave a couple of inches for soldering.

Take a wire from each side, making sure they are the OPPOSITE. Twist them together.

Congrats! You just finished the toroid.


Just solder everything thing together like this:

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    11 months ago on Step 1

    Hey i know this is an old post from 2+ years ago but i hope you can help me out. Im trying to build something like this and i want to see your link of you modeling the flashlight in autodesk but the link wont work. It brings me to a 404 tab. If you can help please do I appreciate it a lot and thanks.