How to Make a Vase




You can make a vase at home. To make this vase you will need following Material:-

Cardboard, Fax Roll (Empty), Masking Tape, Glue Gun, Mixture of PVA Glue & Water, Pieces of Paper, Plaster of Paris, Sand Paper, White distemper paint and Acrylic Paint (Gold, Red and Black).

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Step 1: Basic Structure

Take eight pieces (12” x 2.4 inch) of cardboard. Draw the design shown in 1st picture on these cardboard pieces and cut it. Take two empty fax roll (8” inch) and joint these both roll. Now, past these eight cardboard pieces on the fax roll.

Step 2: How to Make Vase Shape

Cover the vase structure with masking tape. Take pieces of paper and paste on the vase with help of mixture of PVA glue & water. Let it dry. Now, make mixture of Plaster of Paris & water and lap on the vase. Let it dry. Use sand paper for neatness.

Step 3: Color the Vase

Paint vase with white distemper paint and let it dry. Now make some design on the vase with acrylic paint (gold) and use red & black color for whole vase. However, you can use your favorite color.

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    9 months ago

    Very nice, thanks for sharing your technique :)

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    8 months ago

    Very nice painting! It doesn't even look like cardboard was used with the finished product :)

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