How to Make a Very Powerful Lego Crossbow

Introduction: How to Make a Very Powerful Lego Crossbow

I learn you top make a very powerful crossbow. let's do it!

Step 1: The Body

make the body of Lego bricks with nops. make him very long how longer, how more powerful

Step 2: The Trigger

see the picture's for a tutorial for the trigger

Step 3: The Bow

make the bow of 2 parts that can rotary and maker it strong with rubberbands. than you make the rope of 2 rubberbands

Step 4: The Scope

make a scope of bricks of a plane moter of Lego and some whees.

Step 5: Loading With Ammo

take some long pieces and take the role rope of the bow under the trigger and take the brick for the trigger

Step 6: Shoot!

now you can shoot!

Step 7: On the End of This Instructables

thanks for reading this arcticle. I hope you makes it. sorry for my English, it's not so good. see you later!

Step 8:



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