How to Make a Vintage Raggedy Heart Pillow

Introduction: How to Make a Vintage Raggedy Heart Pillow

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Use vintage fabrics to make this 1920's era Vintage Looking Raggedy Heart Pillow.  Accent it with old buttons, lace, and pearls for a Victorian look.

You will Need:
about 1/2 yard of cream color fabric for front and back of heart pillow
1 fat quarter of cranberry, dark cream, and green vintage looking fabric
fiber-fill for stuffing
basic sewing needs

Step 1: Making the Pattern

You will need 2 pieces of computer paper (8.5" X 11").

Fold one piece in half short ends together, and mark the fold line as shown in the photo. Tape the two pieces of paper together at the short ends as shown in the photo.

Step 2:

Cut the marked line.  Discard the smaller piece of paper. (Basically you are taping one and a half pieces of computer paper together.)

Draw 1/2 of a heart using all of the paper as shown in the photo.

Step 3:

Cut out your 1/2 of a heart. This is your pattern piece.

Step 4:

Mark on the flat end of your heart pattern, FOLD LINE. This is the line you will place on the fold of your fabric.

For the biggest heart you will need to pin and cut TWO hearts on the fold (One for the front and one for the back.)

Step 5:

Making the medium size heart pattern:

Mark 1-1/2" around the heart pattern where you cut, Do NOT cut or mark the fold line, just around the heart as shown in the photo.Please note: You will be cutting 1-1/2" into the fold line area at the top and bottom.

Step 6:

Cut around the new heart pattern.

Step 7:

Pin and cut one medium heart placing your pattern on the fold line of the fabric.

Continue in this manner making the pattern 1-1/2" smaller for each heart, until you have four hearts getting smaller in size.

Step 8:

Place one heart on top of another starting with only ONE of the bigger hearts at the bottom.

Pin in place making sure each heart is centered.

Step 9:

Straight stitch around each heart using a 1" seam allowance.

Step 10:

Place the heart top and heart back wrong sides together.  Pin in place. Leave a 4" opening on the side of the heart for stuffing. 

Stitch around the heart using a 1" seam allowance.  Don't forget to leave the opening for stuffing!

Cut many slits in ALL the seams of your raggedy heart. The smaller the slits, the better it rags.

Be careful not to cut into your stitching.

Step 11:

Wash your raggedy heart pillow in Cold/Cold. Dry it in the dryer. Shake it out!

Stuff the raggedy heart with fiber fill.  Machine stitch the opening closed.

Your Vintage Raggedy Heart Pillow is finished!

Happy Sewing!


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