How to Make a Wallet Out of Duck Tape in 3 Steps

Intro: How to Make a Wallet Out of Duck Tape in 3 Steps

This is a Ducktape wallet made out of only three steps! You can use this for credit cards, gift cards, and money.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Duck Tape ( Your choice of color/design)

2. Scissors or other cutting tools

3. credit cards or gift cards for measurements

Step 2: Start Building

1. First you will take the duct tape and figure out the measurements for your design.

Step 3: Building Step 2

2. Take the tape and layer it three times. Repeat this twice. Then combine them from the

Step 4: Building Step 3

3. You will now have to fill in the middle you don't want your cards to get stuck to the tape. To do this you will flip the tape to the sticky side and stick it to the inside tape. Do this until there is not stickiness left.

Step 5: Your Finished! Enjoy!

Your finished! Enjoy your new wallet!

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