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What is up everybody, In this tutorial I am gonna to show you how to make this simple wooden-brass watch stand that can hold up to 5 watches at a time.

If you want the plans for this build comment down below and I will send the drawings.

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Step 1: Design in Solidworks

Step 2: Wodworking

For this build you are going to need a wooden plank, brass pipe or in my case a hexagonal rod and two M8 Screws.

I I firstly cut down the wood to a size of 13x7 cm for the base and 20x8 cm for the upper part.

After that I used my router to smooth and fillet corners on both chunks.

Then I use a 100 grid sandpaper to remove any chips left on both parts.

In the middle of the base I drilled two 8mm holes for the screws. On the other part I used 7 mm bit so threads of the screw could grip hardly into the wood.

On the other side of the base I made 15 mm holes but just a few mm deep, so the screw head could hide all the way in.

Step 3: Machining Legs

After that I cut 2 brass pieces and drilled an 8 mm hole through the whole piece.

After that was done I used a very rough sandpaper to make small grooves on both parts. I taught that would give a more rustic look to the watch stand.

I used a paper towel to paint both parts with a light brown primer and after that I also applied a protective lacquer for nicer finish.

Now I assemble everything up together and our watch stand is finished.

Step 4: Conclusion

I am really happy with how it turned out. You may see a few differences if you watched a solidworks tutorial but I think it is even better now and You can of course make shorter or longer one if you have to many watches laying around.

I hope you like that instructable, please leave some comments if you have any suggestion how would you improve/change it

Step 5: Watch a Video

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    2 years ago

    I would love for you to send me the plans for the watch holder

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    Jakes workshopMeandbobby

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    2 years ago

    The leg machining looks a tad advanced, probably will go with PVC pipe instead and paint it black. Very nice instructable!

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