How to Make a Water Lighter / Tutorial




Introduction: How to Make a Water Lighter / Tutorial


Step 1: To Do a Water Lighter You Need!

Water lighter with your own hands.

Step 2: Nice Way to Play a Joke on Your Friends-smokers or to Make a Spray Nozzle for Children in Summer.

Detailed guidance how to do a water lighter with your own hands. Similar water lighter is on sale but sometimes it may look artificially. And here you won't make a difference between it and a cheap lighter from China.

Step 3: When Pressing the Pawl Button the Stream of Water Spits Out, Which May Reach Up to the Distance of 2,5-3 Meters, Controlling It With the Plug.

Step 4: This Device Is Better to Make Out of Non Transparent Lighter, Not to Leave the Core Visible.




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    2 years ago

    And here I was expecting a lighter that worked under water.. I need my morning coffee...

    1 reply

    Yeah that would have been better than a lighter for him to make animal abuse for those poor bees