How to Make a Waterproof Case / TUTORIAL





Step 1: To Do a Waterproof Case You Need!

We need the following:
- 5 liter plastic bottle;
- 3 CDs;
- package on zipper;
- sheet of paper;
- sealer paste;
- screw-bolt;
- screw;
- plastic plates;
- glue pistol;
- solderer;
- stationary knife;
- emery paper for CD polishing.

Step 2: In This Instructables I Show You How to Make a Box for Underwater Shooting.

Step 3: Usually, Box for Underwater Shooting Costs As Much As the Camera Itself.

That's why I'm going to make a waterproof case.

Step 4: I Believe That Everyone Can Make the Same Thing.

Step 5: The Box/case May Be Used Not Only for Underwater Shooting, But Also for Shooting in Desert, Where Sand Might Make Damage to the Camera.

Step 6: The Box Is Ready.


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