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Introduction: How to Make a Waterslide Cake

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This cake was created for my robotics competition. We won a teamwork award and nothing else. Then we drowned our sorrows in cake.

The theme for my robotics competition was water, hence the waterslide. There were girl scout cookies around the edges because my team was a girl scout robotics team. It was also covered in fondant, and is 99% edible. (There are toothpicks in there to help hold it up.)


This does not include an actual handcrafted recipe. It has a link to the recipe I used. Also, there is a shortage of photos because I had to do this very fast and didn't have time to take any.

Anyways, I've been talking for a while and you probably just want to make cake.

Step 1: You Will Need...

  • two 9 x 1.5 inch cakes
  • enough frosting for that (Plus more if your recipe is often short some frosting.)

I use Magnolia Cookbook's recipe (found here) for my cake and frosting. I didn't include the recipe because I didn't make it myself, and that would be stealing. But feel free to check out the website for a good recipe.

Step 2: Cutting It

Cut a circle like in the diagram above. Save the part you cut out for the top of the slide.

Step 3: Assemble and Frost

Assemble the base with the layer with the hole cut out on the top. There should be a layer of frosting between the cakes. (For that frosting, I mixed green sprinkles and some food coloring with my white frosting, but that's unique to my project.)

Put the part you cut out on top of the cake like in the picture. I used toothpicks to keep it in place.

Cover the entire cake with frosting. I used white for convenience reasons, but you can use any color.

Do not frost inside the hole because it will be filled with blue frosting later.

Step 4: Fondant-ify!

Cover the cake with fondant. You do this by rolling it with a rolling pin of some sort out to a big enough size then rolling it onto the rolling device and then rolling it onto the cake then smoothing it down (except where the hole is) and then cutting of excess fondant. This is not the best explanation. I recommend finding a better explanation somewhere else on the internet.

Where the hole is, cut a small hole out of the center then smooth down the edges. You now have dug out the beginnings of an in-ground pool.

For decoration, make some flowers! I did this by making 4 balls, squishing them down, then sticking them together with a small bit of fondant.

For the slide, roll out a piece of fondant, cut of the edges, then use some water to stick it to the outer layer.

For the person in the inner tube, make a tube out of fondant then make a stick figure to go on it. Use half a toothpick for the head to stick on. Then set it aside for later.

Step 5: Final Things

Fill the hole with blue frosting. Also line the slide with frosting, as it is supposed to be a water slide. Now you can put the inner tube and person in the frosting.

(Optional) Line the outside of the cake with cookies, because they're tasty.

Step 6: Eat!

Now you are done, feel free to eat your cake. Or share, because eating it by yourself would probably make you sick.

You can also just bask in it's incredible beauty.

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