How to Make a Website With Wix

In this Instructable, I will show you how to create a website with! In some of my examples, I will be showing it with my own website I created with In others, you will see a new website. Although there are many different things you can do in Wix, I will show you only a few of the many things to do. I will show you how to add a blog post, what ever menu button is, and how to add photos and fun features!



Step 1: Logging In

As you can see in the photo above, click the button where the arrow is pointing if you already have an account. From there, you will see your site that have already been created. Click on your site you want to work on and then it will bring you to a menu where you can choose the action you want to do, like editing or viewing it if it is already published!

Step 2: Creating an Account

If you don't already have an account, you need to click the button that the arrow is pointing to. It will not only help you get an account, where you can not only use you email and password to create an account, but Wix will help you get started with your website by giving you templates to choose from. If you are more advanced, you can create your own, however this requires coding ability.

Lets get started!

Step 3: Button Number 1: Menus and Pages

Great! Now you have gotten an account! After you have done this, Wix probably had you answer some questions, like "What kind of website do you want to create?" or it will have you pick some templates to choose from.

I am going to show you the buttons that you are going to use to help edit your site. The first button is Menu and Pages. This button will show you all the Menus that are already on your site. You can click on them to change the title or add page transitions.

Step 4: Button Number 2: Page Backgrounds

Here, you can add a page background. Wix will give you a chose of multiple pictures. However, you can upload your own too.

Step 5: Button Number 3: Add

This button has a lot of options. On the Add button, you can Texts, Buttons, Stores (if you need that for your site), and so many more. You can really just scroll down through them, because they are pretty self-explanatory.

Step 6: Button 4: Add Apps

With this button, you are going to be able to use Wix apps to add cool features to your new website. There are many different apps, but some of them are Forum apps, Chat apps, Online Booking Apps, Store Apps, and so many more. Most of them are free, however, you might need to pay for a couple. I have used these apps in my own website, Dancing Day by Day, to create a Forum where I can basically communicate with my users. For this one, you should explore, because there are so many options and too much to put on my step.

Step 7: Button 5: My Uploads

This button is pretty self-explanatory. You can upload your own media from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Or, you can use Wix media, like videos, pictures, and any other media. When you upload your media, it will be added to your website!

Step 8: Button 6: Start Blogging

This button has one specific use: to help you get started with blogging! It basically gives you the template for a blog on your website and you can then have a blog to add your own words to. This feature can also be found as an app in the App button. It will give you a couple options of how you want it to be laid out in your site, but it is pretty much done for you with the button. However, if you want a pretty personalized blog, I would use the App. Although this requires much more work, you can add your own touches to it.

Step 9: Almost Done!

You have finally figured out all of the basic buttons, learned how to make an account, and how you can use your new-found skills to create a beautiful website! When you have saved the website, Wix will make a page called a "Dashboard". The thing I like the most about the Dashboard is that Wix gives you a checklist. You can use this to make sure you get everything done. The steps will eventually lead you to publishing your website! So, I hope you learned something about Wix and making an amazing site!



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    mich_michPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 8 days ago

    So glad that you checked it out! Yes, it is super helpful, and almost 99% of what you do with Wix is free!!