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Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Clock

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First of all, sorry for the pictures. I will keep improving my instructables.

I am rebuilding a country house and I want this simple rustic look, with rough shapes. I have a lot of leftover materials that I can recycle from my parent's company. I am also always checking for old and broken furniture to reuse it.

In this case I use the mechanism of an old cheap watch and wooden slats that I have around.

It's a great clock for the wall of my kitchen.


- Electric Saws

- Drill

- Glue gun

- White glue

- Scissors

- Screwdriver

- Sander

- 1-2 pencils

- A string

- Kitchen paper


- Clock mechanism

- Ethylene vinyl acetate (I chose black)

- Wooden pickups

- Screws

- Wood filler

- Walnut varnish

Step 1: Preparing the Wood Slats

Cut the wooden slats in the same length with the lock saw. Try to cut enough slats to form a more or less perfect square. You need to cut two more slats to join the rest.

If your slats are not brushed like mine you need to use a thin sander to leave them smooth to the touch. If they are already brush you do not need the sander at this point. You can clean them after with some water and kitchen paper. They should be dry in 5 minutes or so.

Then you can paint them with the wood filler. Leave them dry for at least 6 hours, check your wood filler instructions.

Step 2: Making a Circle

Once you slats are dry you can use glue to join them, but I'd rather use some glue and then, also screw the slats together. This way the clock will be more resistant.

Once you a square locate the center and drill a hole in it, big enough to insert a pencil.

To draw a circle we are going to Use two pencils join by a string. One pencil will be inserted in the hole we made in the center and we Use the Other one to draw the circle, you can see an example on the video. First you need to adjust the length of your string.

Then you can cut the circle using the keyhole saw.

Step 3: Last Treatment

Once you have cut the circle we are going to use the hole in the middle to insert center nut of the clock so we can draw the square to insert the clock mecanisim. Try to keep it as parallel to the horizontal lines as possible.

When you have draw the square, drill a hole in each corner , so you can use the keyhole saw to cut the square.

Use the sander to smooth all the edges. My clock as you can see is not a perfect round because I like it more chaotic/rustic/handmade, call it what you want it :) But you can leave it well rounded with patience.

When you are done, clean the wood, with kitchen paper and water. And when it is dry we are going to apply another layer of wood filler all over it.

My clock is made out of pine wood, and the color is too clear, I prefer it to look more rustic so I am going to apply a layer of walnut color varnish. If you prefer you can choose another color or a transparent one.

And then we wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Finishing Your Clock

I glue the clock mechanism using the glue gun.

We take ethylene vinyl acetate (paperboard or other material can be used). We are going to cut 8 circles/squares and the numbers 12, 3, 6, 9. You can use a template to draw them before cutting them. As I prefer the handmade look I cut the numbers I have draw by myself.

I use the white glue to glue the numbers and the circles, Using a paper to clean the excess of glue. I start gluing the numbers and dots following the hours after the clock mechanism is already attached, always leave the same distant from the edge.

I also cut a circle out of the vinyl to hide the clock mechanism making it a hole in the center to let the fixing nut go through.

And you did it.

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