How to Make a Wooden Phone Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Phone Holder

In this Instructables, I will be discussing how I made this Wooden Phone Stand! Take a look at the YouTube video for a full build video on how I made this project!

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Step 1: Main Body

The first thing I did for this project was to select two contrasting woods. I then made sure they were the same height and that the edges were square. Using the band saw I cut a thin strip of the bigger piece of wood. Next, I glued the 3 pieces together. In this picture you can see the final dimensions for the main face.

Step 2:

I then found another piece of wood and cut it, giving it an acute angle (Around 55 degrees). I then glued this to the main body. I also cut out a small piece of wood to hold the phone and glued that to the body.

Step 3: Cleaning and Finishing

After sanding the whole project I added multiple coats of Danish Oil.

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