How to Make a Wooden Puzzle Box From KAPLA




Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Puzzle Box From KAPLA

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In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a simple, one step wooden puzzle box from KAPLA bricks. For who doesn't know: Kapla is a wooden brick toy for building. It's measurements are: 11.7*2.34*0.78 cm. For this instructable you can of course also use any other type of wooden laths, if you can't get your hands on Kapla.

Step 1: Making the Box Structure

I started of simple by using wood glue to glue tree kapla bricks with the sides to each other, like shown. I clamped them down and let them dry for about an hour. I did this two times, thus making a bottom and top. I then glued those to two brick on their side, creating a box. You should be carefull that the plate is on top of the side of the side brick(does that make sense?), so that the height of the inside of the box is 1 kapla brick on it side.

Step 2: Making the Drawer

Next up was making the drawer. I started of by shaving 2 kapla bricks a litte bit down on the sides, so they could slide in and out of the box freely. I then cut down a brick so it fitted in the box as the bottom of the drawer, I used a dremel tool for this. Glue the small piece and the other brick together to form the bottom, and let it dry for an hour. Then try to slide them in the box and when everything fits, glue them to the sides of the drawer. If anything doesn't quite fit, shave it down and try again.

Step 3: Adding the Endings

I had two options for the ending: cut a brick to three pieces to cover the whole ending, or cut a brick down to lenght to cover the opening only. Because of time shortage, I chose the last one. After having them cut down, I glued them to to the box. BE CAREFULL: you should glue one of the ends to the box and the other to the drawer. I put a weight on it to keep it down.

Step 4: Add Extra Bars to the Side

Drill a hole in the side and find a wooden dowel to match it. then glue thin (half a brick) bars to the side. You don't glue the last one in place though, the dowel is glued to this one, and slides in the hole you made. this prevents the drawer from opening if you haven't pulled the dowel out.

Step 5: Ending

I hoped you enjoyed this instructable, if I wasn't clear on anything, please leave a comment.

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