How to Make a Wooden Ship Kit Model?

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Ship Kit Model?

About: My name is Andrew and I love to build historic model ships.

Wooden ship models are in great demand today due to the extensive choice offered by the vendors. Follow these step by step instructions for creating your own ship model. There are a number of vessels from which you can choose from such as boats, yachts, clipper ships, and warships vessels to modern day designer ships.

Designing a model ship kit is a great hobby. Before you begin with the construction of ship kits, it is necessary to get familiar with the instructions and building plan. You also need to understand the chronology steps that are required.

Follow these basic construction steps for modeling your ship:

1. Research: Do proper research of your model ship’s history, type, and method of construction either online or through books. This will help you determine how your ship will look structurally after construction. Make plans and diagrams for your ship. Following diagrams and prepared plans will help you replicating details.

2. Buy a kit: You can buy Wooden Ship Kits either online or in hobby shops with large retail stores. Ship models are easily available and you have a lot to choose from; Amati Model Kits, Victory Models, Ship in a Bottle, Artesania Latina Kits and Tools, Blue Jacket Ship model etc. There are number of choices available today. The pieces required to build your ship include planks of the deck and hull, thick canvas sails, and masts.

3. Slot the ship's bulkheads: Bulkheads are important partitions that are helpful to improve the structural strength of the ship. The first step is to place the ship bulkhead over the ribbed hull frame or keel.

4. Soak wood planks in water: Generally, the planks are used in the construction of the hull. If you soak the wood planks in water, it allows the planks to become more pliable. Mold the wet planks around the bulkheads so that they fit the structure of the hull.

5. Hull Construction by adding planks: Now add all the plank pieces to build the hull. There should be no gaps between any planks. Plank should be fully capturing the bulkheads to create the hull. If there is any gap, you can use wood filler to fill them in. Follow your model's particular instruction steps while adding planks for the best results.

6. Glue: Wooden planks are glued to each bulkhead on the ship. Planks are cut consequently to fit into any gaps between the hulls. Glue each plank onto the hull. Construction of the hull is finished by adding a layer of wood planks.

7. Smooth the hull: After adding the plank, the sanding of the hull is done with the sandpaper. Apply layers of clear finish to protect the wood. It will give your model a clean and smooth look.

8. Deck Construction: After the hull has been sanded now add the deck to complete the body of your ship. The deck parts are glued to the bulkheads and keel. The deck should be properly constructed, so that you can add details like, painting, and finishing your model boat. Cut out any gun ports on the side of the hull if necessary.

9. Finishing: Paint the hull in accurate colors according to the history of your Wood Ship Kits. Add basic items to give an authentic feel to your model. This includes adding a ship's wheel and cannons, caving the stern and adding the ship's mast, rigging and sails.

Make sure everything is painted added all the detail items. Working systematically and adding pieces one by one will help you to work faster. There are various vendors available that provide high quality ship model kits at affordable prices. These ship kit models come with all fittings, plans and instructions to complete the model.

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    3 years ago

    Wonderful Article, It helped me in building my model kit.


    3 years ago

    Good tutorial! I've never built one from a kit but it's cool to see the similarities in chronology between a scratch build and a kit build. I might actually experiment with soaked wood now that I've read your tutorial.