How to Make a Wooden Spool Twine Holder




It's easy, quick and cost a few pennies!

Step 1: What You'll Need

You'll need a wooden candle base and wooden basket handle, wood glue and one of these scissors (if you'd like one they cost $1.50) or find a pair of scissors that will fit in the handle's hole.   The candle base costs .70 cents.  The handle costs .50 cents.

Step 2: Spread Some Glue on the Bottom of the Handle

Now, this is the really hard part.  Put some glue on the bottom of the handle.

Step 3: Attach Handle to the Base

Attach the handle to the base and wait for it to dry.  I spray painted mine my favorite mustard color and also cut a piece of adhesive magnet and attached it to the bottom.  I have a metal desk and it works great.  You can also cut a piece of non-skid plastic drawer liner and glue it to the bottom so it will stay in place on your desk. 

Step 4: Yer Done!

Yer done!



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