How to Make a Wooden Toy

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy

By: Ethan Price

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Step 1: Gather All of the Required Materials

The tools and materials needed for this project will be listed right below.

Tools Needed:

Bandsaw- for cutting template and toy
Drill press- for drilling holes for the axles

Drill bit- 7/32 needed for axle holes

1 inch belt sander- for sanding the toy down to achieve a smooth surface

Router Table- ¼ bit Safety goggles!

Materials and Supplies:

Axles/ wheels- I used 1.25 sized axles and wheels
Wood glue

Paint of your choice, depending on your animal

Piece of 2”x6” scrap wood Piece of cardboard or MDF to trace printed animal

Step 2: Find Animal and Photo

Find a picture of the animal that you would like to make.

Typically a side view picture is easier to replicate. I chose a wolf because it was easier to cut out and make cuts with the band saw, rather than having to make a lot of awkward and hard cuts like you would have to on a deer.

Step 3: Print the Image

Put your chosen image in a word type processor to print it. Keep in mind that it should be able to fit in the hands of a child so don’t make it too big or too small. You want to make sure to not make the cuts too sharp and precise, it will save you time in the long run when you’re cutting it on the band saw. Start to think of colors you want to paint it. Trace the animal and make your final edits.

Step 4: Create the Template

Trace your cut out template onto the MDF. This is a lot stronger surface and will allow an easier trace on the wood.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Toy

Trace your animal that is on the card stock on the piece of wood. Now, trace as precise as you can, meaning cut very close to the edge. It allows for easier cuts on the band saw. Once it’s traced, cut it on the band saw, After your toy is cut, use a pencil to make a hole through the paper to decide where you want to put your wheels. Make sure they are visible.

Step 6: Drill the Axle Holes

Use the 7/32 drill bit. Make a dent where you want your hole, so your animal is more stable and won’t move around. Place a scrap piece of wood under your animal for more support. This is for safety reasons. Now drill your axle holes through your toy.

Step 7: Router the Edges

Router the edges of your toy so that it will be smoother surface and not so rough on a little childs hand. Test the ¼ router bit on a scrap piece of wood before trying it on your project, then router the outside edges of your toy.

Step 8: Sanding the Toy

Sand all the tool marks from previous tools out. Start at 150 grit sandpaper then work your way to 220. All of the imperfections should be sanded out before moving on.

Step 9: Paint Your Toy

You can trace out a painting design on another piece of paper by tracing your animal on it. You can do whatever design and color your heart desires.

Step 10: Glue the Axles and Wheels

Make sure axles fit snug, before gluing. Put a small amount of wood glue in the hole, not on the axle. Then put the axle through the hole then attach wheel. Don’t put it flush to the edge of your toy, you need some room for the wheels to spin. Do this for all 4 wheels.

Step 11: You Completed Your Toy

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