How to Make a Wooden Toy

By: Jager Nelson

Step 1: First You Must Find a Picture of What Animal You Want to Create

  • Try to find a picture of the animal from the side
  • Make sure its a picture of the animal standing
  • Then print the image out

Step 2: Make Your Template

  • Trace image onto a piece of card stock
  • Make sure you draw the template a little bigger than the picture
  • If the animal has legs make sure you draw the legs thick so you have enough room to drill hole in future

Step 3: Trace You Image Onto Block of Wood

  • Make sure your animal is no taller than 5 1/2 inches

Step 4: Cut Out Animal on Band Saw

  • Cut out animal on band saw
  • Don't curve on band saw because the blade will break
  • Take it slow so it looks good and so you have less sanding

Step 5: Drill Holes for Wheels

  • Use a drill press for the drilling
  • Use 7/32 size drill bit for wheels so the axle will fit
  • Make sure you put wood under you animal so it doesn't break in drilling process
  • Drill holes low enough so wheels will touch ground

Step 6: Route the Edges of Your Toy

  • Use the router to smooth the edges of your toy
  • Make sure you route every edge

Step 7: Sand Your Toy

  • Use a belt sander if any big imperfections
  • Start with 100 grit and go all the way up to 220 grit

Step 8: Paint Your Toy

  • Paint your toy as the actual animal would look like
  • Try to keep the wood look to it don't paint all of it

Step 9: Put on Wheels and Axles

  • In each hole put a drop of glue so axles don't fall out
  • Don't push axles in to far because wheels will get stuck leave some room so wheels can spin


  • Enjoy your wood animal toy



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