How to Make a Wooden Watch

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Throughout this Instructable you will learn how to make your very own wooden watch. Follow carefully as this is no walk in the park! There are free PDF files of all the parts that can be printed, traced, and cut out.

I have created this Instructable in collaboration with Steven Zhang. Steven has given full permission to use any and all information, images, parts lists, and videos to create this Instructable. Go check out his Youtube channel. The kid is amazing! Don't want to make your own? Check out

Step 1: Parts, Print Outs, Video 1

Parts list

  • Miyota 2035 watch movement
  • Stainless steel pins 1.6mm diameter 23mm length
  • 35mm diameter 2mm thick flat mineral glass
  • Suitable watch clasp (eg. Butterfly clasp or double deployment clasp)
  • Various assortments of watch crowns and watch stems (more than one, best to be just a box
  • with lots of them)
  • Watch hands (best to buy them as package deal along with watch movement, so that it is
  • promised to fit on the movement; just don’t have any of the hands longer than 17.5mm)
  • Some wood (doesn’t really matter, even plywood would work)
  • Very small screws (mark 2 used M2 bolts which are way too big, mark 3 used M1.2 bolts and
  • they were perfect)

Tools list

  • Band-saw/scroll saw/coping saw
  • Lots of different sized files
  • Different grits of sandpaper
  • Watch hand setting tool (unless getting a watch repair shop to do it)
  • Corresponding tap and drill bit for screws
  • Drill press (very important)
  • Correct drill bits for watch crystal
  • Or get a CNC and Autodesk Inventor with its CAM program and let the machine do everything. Note: different methods are possible, even a pantorouter with a template can do the trick.

Scaled Print Outs

Dropbox - Wooden Watch Plans

Step 2: Mark 3: Video 1 and 2



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