How to Make a YouTube 80s Based Logo Wallpaper - Tutorial | Photoshop CC 2015 - GraphixTV

Introduction: How to Make a YouTube 80s Based Logo Wallpaper - Tutorial | Photoshop CC 2015 - GraphixTV

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I decide to make this tutorial because some of you my friends and subscribers ask me how to do this fantastic design. So I hope that all of you guys and gals have sucess working on this simple and easy tutorial. Good luck people! :~)

This work was a great challenge for me. In this graphic design concept made with photoshop, I chose to make a nice customization with the YouTube's logo. Thinking about the concept and idea, YouTube is kinda youw own TV option service. In standard television stuff the only option you have is to change the channels in a limited and boring option of entertainment. In YT you have a bunch of options of entertainmente and plus, you can made your own content and share to people. But the most amazing thing on it, it goes to the entire world. In this line of thinking, I chose a great element: the TV tube. A lot of red tones because I didn't wanted to run away from the YouTube brand logo. So, that was a magenta color and a second color that is the inverted blue. The hottest part of the job was create the chromatic effect on the word Tube. Then of course I wanted to make it into a eighties concept so there is the neon grid, the mountains in the back and the amazing night sky. To make this most amazing as possible, I added the lights, and reflections. And finally the old poster effect with a grunge texture. That's it my friends. Enjoy this amazing YouTube logo 80's based. ;~)

I hope you my friends like it. Please share this content to other people so they can be inspired too. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Share with your friends, spread the world! :~)



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