How to Make a Giant Fork With 2 Macaroni Noodles




Polystyrene Foam
Silver Paint
Orange/yellow paint
Exacto Knife
Pool noodle
Liquid Nails
4x2 cardboard rectangle 
Sand Paper 
Hot Glue 

Step 1: Outline the Fork

Trace the shape of the fork on to the cardboard rectangle (first with pencil, then with sharpie). Make the fork 3 feet long. Then cut out fork shape with an exact-o knife. 

Step 2: Making Foam Fork

Trace the cardboard outline of the fork (using a sharpie) onto 2 separate sheets of the polystyrene foam, leaving you with two different outlines. Then, cut out the fork tracings using an exact-o knife. Make sure to cut all the way through the foam. 

Step 3: Get Fork Ready for Gluing

Paint ONE SIDE of each fork with any paint you have. (This step protects the forks so when you glue the the forks together, they do no get eaten away by the glue.)

Step 4: Gluing the Fork Together

Using liquid nails, glue the painted side of each fork and then stick the fork together and let them dry. 

Step 5: Sanding Fork

Using sand paper, sand down the sides of the forks so that they are the same shape and size. (It should now look like one fork.) 

Step 6: Paint the Fork

Paint your fork with the silver paint. Add two coats and make sure to keep it off of clothes and other fabric materials. 

Step 7: Noodle Making

Cut a pool noodle into two separate 1 foot pieces. Mix elmer's glue and orange/yellow paint together and coat your noodle with 4-5 coats of this mixture. (Or until noodles are completely covered.)

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Position noodles on top of the fork and hot glue them on. Let the project dry for 1-2 hours and glue again if necessary. 

Congrats! You have made a giant fork with 2 macaroni noodles!



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    oooohhhhh..... I thought you meant that you were going to make a giant fork out of two macaroni noodles. i was confused.

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