How to Make a Program That Will Open and Close Itself and Never Stop.




Introduction: How to Make a Program That Will Open and Close Itself and Never Stop.

This will not stop unless you shut-down your computer. (you need file extensions on)
Besides pressing "FN + Break" the only way to stop this is to shutdown!!!

Step 1: Type Stuff in This Step!

Right click on the .bat file and click "Edit" then

In the .bat file Type this: start (file name here).bat
exit (file name here).bat


uh oh........



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    What if you don't want the program to close, but you still want infinite program files opened? Coudn't you just type:


    start NAME OF FILE.bat

    goto loop

    Personally, I wouldn't want the program to close immediately after opening. I'd rather have a bunch of files repeatedly opening themselves so that attempting to close any of the programs would be like playing cmd whack-a-mole.

     This will not work, as when all the code finishes the program will close.
    You would have to insert the following code:
    start MarioRemix.bat
    exit MarioRemix.bat
    got whateveryouwant

    This will cause the code to run infinitely, therefore allowing you to achieve the required result.

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    Well I tried this and it worked because the "start MarioRemix.bat" is before the "exit MarioRemix.bat". so it starts the next on before it closes.