How to Make a Speaker Bike




Introduction: How to Make a Speaker Bike

 Make a cheap bike That sings !

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Step 1: Getting the Supplies

 you need ... rope , old speaker, amp , wire , old battery , aux cord , flat head , what you can have ... switch , and washer clamp....

Step 2: Optional

 adding the switch

Step 3: Setting It Up

 Seeing if every thing works and sounds good ...

Step 4: Locate Were Your Putting It

 i put mine on the luggage carrier  

Step 5: Secures.

 secure the speaker and the amp..and tuck in excess wires

Step 6: Done!!

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    5 Discussions

    cool prject wish it was a it better documented,where to get the parts how much it will cost,any tools u used, why you wanted to do this,what you did with it afterwards,what did people think, what songs/other audio u used etc.
                  just a bit of constructive criticism..................


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     well i made a new support base and added two of those speakers and a sub....i got the speakers from book shelf stereo,amp from old car ....only flat head.....i upgraded it......well i went to the park had alot of good comments people said the sound was great......i use my phone i use it for  hip hop rap pop its all so very good on rock.. and bout 25-100 if you no were to buy and what yo buy! hope this helped