How to Make an Air Powered Explosion Simulator

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This video demonstrates a simple design I came up with for safely simulating an explosion, such as what might be used in special effects. The most valuable piece of information this video demonstrates is probably how to modify a sprinkler valve, which is useful for all sorts of air powered projects. One problem that might arise in the valve modification is that the hose fitting threaded into the top might leak around the threads, in which case some epoxy can be applied around the fitting on the inside of the valve housing which should seal it pretty securely.

I may do a follow up project to show all the other things this device can be modified to do, so stay tuned!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Why does everyone modify the thing, I really prefer twenty feet of speaker wire between me and a fireball than a bright blue thick hose. In my videos I have found that speaker wire doesn't even need to be buried to hide it in most outdoor scenes, and even some indoor ones. I just use a 9V battery in a trigger box with a key and button switch, very safe, and just as reliable. Also confused by the use of sch 80. Thats the kind of stuff you use on a 6" launcher, I would almost trust the thin-wall (less than sch 40) with such small pipe. Sch 40 is rated at least 200 or more psi on such small pipe. I definately like your device though, I never thought of using a funnel with the fire in it like you have, will definately be doing this soon.

    2 replies

    Most sprinkler valves do not open quickly enough for an effect like this without being modified to operate pneumatically. If yours do that's awesome.

    I use sch 80 not because of the pressure rating, but because the sections come threaded eliminating the need to use primer or cement for the entire project. You thread it together and it's done. It also cuts down on the total number of fittings needed.

    Couldn't you of used an air blow gun instead of the ball valve? Think it would activate even quicker and be easier to use. Squeeze a trigger and BOOM!


    5 years ago

    How long could I make the pressure release hose before it becomes less effective?