How to Make an Airsoft Mock Heartbeat Sensor




Have you ever thought that your airsoft gun was missing something? Well why not a heartbeat sensor! It adds the perfect touch of futuristic flare to your airsoft gun you've always wanted! Although this particular one doesnt actually sense heartbeats, it can still amaze your friends and give you something fun to build and use. This heartbeat sensor is from the popular game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Im sure many of you have seen it.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need to get the following:
Empty milk carton
Altoids Tin
Small 1 1/2 by 2 cm metal hinges
3 LED lights (Colors of you choice, i chose 1 white and 2 blue)
Silver permanent marker or sharpie
small insulated wire
on/off switch
Small Energizer A23 battery
Scotch tape (blurry kind, not the clear kind)
Rail mount
2 Magnets
2 small metal plates

(Optional items listed below for add-on)
Small RIS rail (airsoft)
Durable peice of scrap plastic
Small screw
screw (size depends on what airsoft gun you have and if you need this add-on)

Step 2: Making the Body

First, start out with cutting out the top of the altiods tin with a dremel. Dont cut all the way to the edge of it though. Take the milk carton and cut a rectangle that fits in the top of the tin. Make the Heartbeat sensor design with a silver sharpie on it and place it in the top as shown.

Step 3: Electronics

Here comes the fun part. Drill a hole in one of the sides of the altoids tin big enough to fit your switch. open your altoids container up and fill it with the LED's, wire, battery, and switches shown in the diagram. Make sure positives are on positives and negatives are on negatives. If not, the circuit will not work. Point the LED's upwards. If they are too bright, cover them with the scotch tape to dampen the light.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Tape over the "screen" on the heartbeat sensor and paint it the color of your choice.  Drill some holes in the side of the altoids tin for the hinge. if your right handed, drill them on the right. if your left handed, drill them on the left. Sew on your hinge and screw the other side of the hinge onto your rail mount. Glue a metal plate onto the altoids tin as shown in the picture and place a magnet on your rail mount where your metal plate will connect to it when swiveled out. Last, take your other magnet and glue it on the front of your altoids tin as shown. this will keep it in place when you close it. You may need to add a metal plate on your gun for it to attatch to when closed.
Note the front magnet on the second picture.

Step 5: Extra Add-on (optional)

If you have the JG m4 or any other gun without a long side rail, you may want to stick around for this extra add on that will add for a better effect. Take your small RIS rail and your scrap piece of durable plastic and screw them together forming an "L" shape. Drill a hole large enough to fit the size screw you will need to mount it to your gun as shown.

Step 6:

You're finished! have fun with your new (mock) heartbeat sensor!



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    38 Discussions

    msan jose

    7 years ago on Introduction

    i want to build this but i can't find certain materials. where can you buy stuff like the switch. small led bulbs, the wire and how do you put the wire bulbs and switches together? same with the magnets

    1 reply

    you can buy the wire and most of the supplies at the hardware store. i strip all of my materials from old electronic things, like the switch is from an old rc car and the lights came from little finger ring light things. theres a diagram (on paper) that shows you what to put and where to put it in the instructable. i got the magnets from a name tag thing. u can probably get those at a hardware store too or from anything you can find.


    7 years ago on Step 5

    Haha this was pretty creative, I might make this myself but with a few changes...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would recommend cutting out the top piece of the altoids tin then painting it before you do anything else, the paint got under the tape on the screen and I had to start again.

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    WTH did you cut the rail mount off thats a good red dot scope OMW! think about it now its usless! ughhh!

    1 reply

    i got the magnets from one of my fathers work name tags he uses. and look at figure 5. the screw goes in a hole near a rail on my M4. but i have the JG m4, i don't know if yours will have that hole or not. so you can try to put it on some other way.