How to Make an Airsoft/Paintball Landmine [HD Video Tutorial]




Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft/Paintball Landmine [HD Video Tutorial]

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In this video I show how to make a landmine with a remote charge for use in airsoft or paintball. Baking soda is used in the charge because it is cheap, non toxic, and not flammable. If you like this video be sure to share it on Facebook and give it a 1+ on Google Plus!

Parts List:
Replacement BBQ Igniter
Plastic Bottle
Soup Can and Lid
3/4" to 2" PVC Reducer
2" PVC Coupling
4 Feet of Wire
Hot Glue
Electrical Tape
Clear Packaging Tape
90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol
Spray Bottle



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    29 Discussions

    I can't find a grill igniter will the two wires. What type of igniter do I need?

    Thank you so much i have been wrestling with the land mine idea i have tried everything and none of them worked this is the cheapest one i have found and it works

    use a metal barrel and load with paintballs, and hook it up to a line of mines

    i wonder could i use a paint can cut the lid around the center and take the barbuce lighter and put the foot peddle on fill with flash cotton and a simple mine

    i am having trouble with my mine. I am using 99% alcohol, using 1-2 mists and it just doesn't wanna burn. i don't know if there is something i missed, but can you think of a reason that it won't blow up.

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    Most likely it's not working just because it doesn't have just the right amount of fuel. You'll have to experiment with it to get the amount right. If that still doesn't work, your screws may need to be made closer together to get a hotter spark, or the wires leading to the bottle might be too long and draining a lot of the energy.

    Just a note to add, all major Airsoft organizers that I have seen prohibit pyrotechnic based mines. But, it is a really neatly done idea! I liked it, but to bad I can't use it. I'll be working on making a compressed air, or CO2 thing using a similar set up. I'll be more than happy to give you credit for inspiration though.

    Do you think you could make a 2.0 version where you could explain how to fire airsoft bb's out of it.

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    No, but I can explain it. Rather than using a 3/4" to 2" PVC reducer, simply use a 3/4" coupling to go over the end of the bottle. Fill the coupling with bbs once the mine is fueled and it's good to go.

    i would just put some bbs into the baking powder and load it like normal.