How to Make an Annoying Strobe From an Old Camera


With everyone switching to digital, this has left a ton of old film cameras available to modify and do interesting things with. The most obvious thing for cameras with a built-in flash is reusing them as a one-shot strobe for annoying your friends or pretending to take peoples' pictures or for a play camera for the kids. A lot of times though, the camera won't wind up without an actual roll of film in it. This is easily bypassed though as shown in the video by adding a switch in place of the shutter. Then you can make it flash simply by pushing a button.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    put two wires on it and tell your friends to touch ps.. the ones that shock you are the ones between and after the resistors Next to the battery and on the other side of the button

    2 replies

    I won't recommend this. In the video I specifically state to avoid touching the terminals for health and safely reasons. Touching them though won't necessarily kill you though, but it does give quite a shock. When I was in high school, some dumbass applied one of these to the back of another kid's neck and both were unharmed, but it left QUITE a sting. There are instances though where this can actually stop your heart, though which is why I'm not recommending this.