How to Make an Arduino LED Lamp Nightstand

How to make an LED Lamp Nightstand that has a Electronic charger.

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Step 1: Step 1: Gathering Materials

The first step on how to make an LED lamp nightstand is to gather all of your materials.

You will need:

1 Arduino

Some Jumper Wires


3 330 Ohms Resistors

1 Bread Board




1 Charger for Your Device of Choice

Step 2: Step 2: Create Your Box

Using the wood that you chose you will have to male a box that is the size of your choice. I chose to do a box that is 8"x11"x3". One one side of the box cut a piece out just big enough to fit your electronic device and drill a hole big enough to fit the charger in. Make sure that your bread board and LED are able to reach the top of your box. On the lid of the box cut a hole the size of the LED and glue the jar on top of the lid of the box. I made a shelf to fit the bread board on top of. Wire the board into pins 11-13 and ground as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Step 3: the Electronics

Hook up the three resistors to the three parts of the LED and hook up the last part of the LED to the negative end of the bread board. Use the LED to light up the jar on the lid of the box. Enter the code into the Arduino and place it into the box.

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    Great intro Arduino project. This would make a really cool night light for a kid's room.