How to Make an Arduino Powered CNC Machine




Introduction: How to Make an Arduino Powered CNC Machine

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a low cost CNC machine controlled with an Arduino Uno!

Step 1: Fabricating a Base and X-Axis Sled

Roller skate wheels will be used to create the X-Axis sled. A combination of 2in and 1in steel tubing will form the base of the machine.

Step 2: Building the Y-Axis

Using bearings from roller-skate wheels to create the Y-Axis sled. The gantry is built using 2in square tubing.

Step 3: Z-Axis

Fabricating the Z-Axis using drawer sliders found at home improvement store.

Step 4: Lead Screws and Motors

Installing two Acme lead screws for the X and Y axes, and a cheap threaded rod for the Z Axis. Mounting the stepper motors in position.

Step 5: Configuring Arduino, GRBL, Easel and Steppers.

Uploading and configuring GRBL on an Arduino Uno. Calibrating stepper motors and using 'Easel' as the g-code sender.

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    sir, It is a very nice project.I also like to do this project so can you send me the programming codes

    There's brazing (basically soldering), nuts 'n bolts, 80/20 is popular, even mapp gas/ally/those aluminum welding sticks might work.

    Get creative, that's what he did.

    I can not believe you do not use a mask or at least goggles when you are welding.

    4 replies

    obviously you are a experienced welder and know what you can get away with.

    There are a lot of of non welders that are looking at you for inspiration to learn welding and you are setting a horrible example for a new person just learning welding.

    I really appreciated the project, most of the videos seem to be repeats.

    Welding without protective shades will give you several problems, from conjunctivitis to retinal scaring, and it is progressive. It may take years before you notice or end up developing cataracts.

    Also the repeated exposure of the invisible UV light from 200 to 400 nm can give you skin cancer on any exposed skin.

    Very nice instructable; I'm inspired to build one of my own. I'm just curious what kind of tolerances you are able to achieve with your gantry system? Have you tested this?


    I'm instructables member since 2009 and your CNC it's one of the best that I know. It's a wonderful project with great results. It could be possible to add some instructions ?. Would be very helpful to build one of these.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers from Mexico.

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    I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    I refer to written instructions (for someone like me who likes to read) and in my opinion will be the ideal complement for someone to replicate your CNC relying on the excellent videos that you published.

    Greetings from Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

    Traducción al Español.

    Le agradezco que se tome el tiempo de responder.Me refiero a instrucciones escritas (para alguien como yo que me gusta leer) y en mi opinión será el complemento ideal para que alguien pueda replicar tu CNC apoyándose en los excelentes videos que publicó.

    Saludos from Monclova,Coahuila México

    wow. I mean, seriously man. I have been messing with my home built cnc for months and you just answered almost every question I had. Well done!

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