How to Make an Armor Equipper in Minecraft

If you love minecraft and want to learn how to make an armor equipper, then read this article to find out.

Step 1: Make the Frame

Start by making a 5 long and 3 high wall with a block of your choice, then put buttons in the way the picture shows.

Step 2: Place a Block of Your Choice Behind the Buttons

Make sure they are on the ground like in the picture.

Step 3: Make a 2 Wide and 3 High Exstention Off the Left of the Wall

Then break a 1 wide and 2 high "doorway" into the wall as shown in the picture, then place a dispenser 2 blocks into the "doorway".

Step 4: Place a Comparator in Front of the Dispenser

Then place a repeater in front of the comparator, then connect redstone to the other side of the dispenser like so, what that does is when the armor goes into the dispenser it activates a redstone signal through the comparator, the signal gets boosted by the repeater and activates the dispenser which shoots it out onto you.

Step 5: Place 3 Hoppers Going Into the Dispenser

Make sure that the hoppers are connected to each other going to the dispenser.

Step 6: Put 3 Hoppers Going Into the Last Hopper That Is Going Away From the Dispenser

Step 7: Put Chests on the Last 3 Hoppers You Placed

Step 8: Place Sticky Pistons As Shown

Then power the sticky pistons with a button and then let them grab the hoppers in front of them.

Step 9: Connect a Button to One of the Sticky Pistons

Connect the button to 8 repeaters on full delay, then connect the repeaters with redstone and connect it to a sticky piston.

Step 10: Repeat Step 10 for the Other Buttons and Sticky Pistons

Step 11: Put Signs Above the Buttons

Name the signs the type of armor you will get if you press that particular button

Step 12: Find Out Which Pistons Connect to Each Buttons

That way you know which buttons give you the certain armor you want, and so you know where to put the signs above the chests and buttons.

Step 13: YOU'RE DONE!!

If you put the armor in the right chests and hold down the button so it activates two times, you should get your armor, so that's about it.



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