How to Make an Automata

Introduction: How to Make an Automata

Below is a step by step guide on how to create the automata seen in the picture above. Have fun building!

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

Above are the different materials which are needed to successfully create this automaton.

The following materials are:

Base (Plywood): 23cm x 13cm

Top (Plywood): 23cm x 13cm

Sides (x2) (Plywood): 13cm x 13cm

Dowels: Get two complete dowels

1 3-D printed Person (with hands)

1 3-D printed dog Jerrycan

1 3-D printed water pump (with handle detached)

Small String of a metal wire

Hot Glue Gun (with glue)

Diameter Circle Cam (x6)

Wood Panel (stopper)


Sanding Paper

Step 2: Cut/Drill Holes

Drill the two 1/2" holes in both the walls, using a driller. Once drilled, sand them in order for the dowels to smoothly go through them. Make sure that the holes are centered. This can be done by drawing an "X" on the flat platform, then, the point where the two lines cross is where the center will be.

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Step 3: Glue Drop Cams

Take your three drop cams and your dowel. Now cut three strips of 7cm from the dowel. Using your glue gun, glue one 7cm dowel to each drop cam. Try to glue the cams exactly in the center of the drop cam so that your automata will run more smoothly. Although, in the process of using the glue make sure that you do not overuse the glue making a huge mess.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Step 4: Sliding in Position

Take one of your 1/2" dowels and glide one drop cam and one of your gears onto it. Nextly, place the dowel into the two holes you drilled prior. Take your three drop cams and drill holes; for the first and second cam drill the hole 1.5cm from the top of the circle and for the third drill a hole in the center. Now slide in the drop cams onto one of the dowels which you collected and place them in your desired place. However, make sure that they are not to far apart nor to close to each other. When you have found your desired spot for the cames, glue them but make sure you don't use unnecessary amounts of glue and try not to glue messily, making your automata look more professional.

Estimated time:

Step 5: Glue the Walls

Now that you have the dowels put in the correct places, glue the walls in place on the base using the glue. Make sure that the walls are glued on properly and they are sturdy so that the automata does not fall apart. Again, make sure that you use a reasonable amount of glue, especially when you are using a glue gun because the glue tends to spread quickly.

Step 6: Drill Holes in Roof

Drill two holes which are both 1/2" on the roof. Before you drill the holes make sure that when you stick the dowels through them the dowel will slide right on top of the main dowel going between the two walls. When drilling the holes also make sure that it is an allinghed with the cams which you put on the dowels going through the two walls.

Step 7: Sand All That Has Been Cut

Now that you have finished drilling all the holes and cutting all the necessary pieces you want to sand them. For the dowels make sure they are sanded properly so that there will be no problems when going up and down in the hole. Sanding the whole its self is also important, so make sure that you are able to take all the wood which pops up away, and there is nothing in between the holes. Sanding small things in your automata will not only make it work but will also make the automata as a whole look more professional and well done.

Step 8: Insert Dowel in Bases

Put a little hot glue into the hole drilled in the bases and then insert the dowel into the hole. Wait till the glue hardens then put the dowels through the holes in the roof. Your end result will be well glued dowels into the holes.

Step 9: Put Stoppers on to the Dowels

To prevent the dowel from moving side to side, and disorganizing your automata put one stopper on the outer part of both sides of the dowel. When doing this make sure that the part opposite to the part where the stoppers are not sticking out whatsoever. The above pictures should be representation of what your dividers should look like.

Step 10: Attach a Handle to Dowel

So now that you are reaching the end of the construction, you just need to add a few more things. Drill a 1/2" hole on the edge of the handle, and make sure that the hole is towards the top, then drill another 1/2" hole towards the top. Now, get a dowel and cut it so that it is 4.5cm long. Once that's done, put the 4.5cm dowel into one of the holes which you drilled for your handle. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the dowel into the hole. Finally, hot glue the handle to the end of the 1/2" dowel. If you have done it correctly your end result should look like the picture above.

Step 11: Automata

Now you can finally say that you have created a working automaton. You can paint your automata in your desired color. Your automata should look like the above picture.

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