How to Make an Automatic Arrow Launcher in All Minecrafts [pe, Pc, Wii U, and Xbox]




today i will be showing you how to make an automatic arrow launcher

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Step 1: Step 1

place any block [i chose birch] and place a redstone torch on it. then place the redstone like so

Step 2: Step 2

then you want to place a block diagnal to the first block and then a redstone torch. the power will turn off the redstone torch

Step 3: Step 3

then you want to place redstone dust in front of the block. in front of the redstone dust, put a block. then put a redstone torch on the block. and then put redstone dust in front of the torch. the signal should be alternating

Step 4: Final Step

finally, add redstone dust to the corner and put a dispenser in front of the redstone. add arrows to the dispenser and there you have it!!

Step 5: Bye




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