How to Make an Awesome Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Paper Airplane

This is how to make a really cool paper airplane. This is a distance flyer and you really need to be out in the open to get the full effect. That said, for some reason it can be kind of hit and miss so try it a couple of times more if your first one doesn't work so well.

(1) 8.5'' X 11'' copy paper
(1) Staple


Step 1: The Preliminaries

1. Fold the 8.5’’ X 11’’ copy paper in half length-wise so that the two 11-inch sides are touching each other after folding.
2. After folding, unfold paper and flatten crease so that the paper lies flat on working surface.

Step 2: Building the Fuselage

1. With folded paper lying concave on the table, fold left side of the paper over so that the top of the fold is at the crease in the middle of the paper and the bottom of the fold is at bottom left-hand corner of the paper.
2. Mirror this fold on the right hand side of the paper.
3. Fold any overlapping paper from the fold in Step 2(2) over and around the underside of the fuselage.
4. Turn paper over and fold in half along the crease so that the folds are on the exterior of the fuselage.

Step 3: Making the Wings/Final Touches

1. Fold wings over so that the outer edges of the wings meet with the bottom of the fuselage on both sides.
2. Staple the fuselage roughly 2 ½ to 3 inches back from the front point of the plane as close to the crease underneath the wing as possible.
3. Fold the edge of each wing at the back of the plane over ½ of a centimeter to create the stabilizers. Each stabilizer should run roughly 2 inches along the edge of the wing from the back of the plane.

Step 4: Let 'Er Fly!

Your airplane is now ready for flight!

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