How to Make an Earbud Case



I am going to show you how to make a really useful earbud case. It keeps your earbuds from being tangled in a bag, or wherever you keep it. However, it is big so it will most likely not fit in a pocket. But it is good for travel, and keeping other things clean or in order.

Step 1: Materials

Wire cutters
Metal coat hangers
Shipping tube
Earbuds, chargers, any kind of wire

Step 2: Twist

Make the wire as shown.

Step 3: Mo' Twisting

Twist the two ends together, securimg them.

Step 4: Wrap

Now just wrap your cords around the wire, and put them in

Step 5: Finish

Now, if you want to, put some duct tape on for style. Otherwise, you're done! Now, your cords and earbuds wont get mixed up and tangled. I put some stickers on it to make it look better.



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    3 years ago

    Nice! Pretty fastenating.