How to Make an Easy Oreo Cake




Introduction: How to Make an Easy Oreo Cake

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I’m not exactly a wiz in the kitchen, but even I have trouble messing up this “recipe.” We made this to bring to my mother’s house for Easter. (Turns out I was also supposed to have an apple pie. I’ll be picking one up on the way there – oops!)


  1. Premade graham cracker pie crust, because seriously, you expect me to make my own? You’re hilarious. They’re like a buck fifty at the store. No brainer.
  2. Big package of Oreo (or some such) cookies. My husband likes the mint ones or the double-stuffed. But he has appointed me Chief of Being a Bitchy Nag about his diet, so I got reduced-fat Oreos. Note: still tastes delicious.

  3. Big tub of Cool Whip (or some such) topping. Again, with the whole Chief of Being a Bitchy Nag about hubby’s diet – I got the “Lite” version. I could have gotten fat free, but I was skeptical about whether it would taste OK.


  1. A big bowl
  2. A spoon
  3. Something to crush the Oreos with (I chose to put the Oreos on the bowl and crush them with a sippy cup, but I have a few anger management issues. They won’t let me have a plastic bag and a hammer.) (Just kidding) (Or am I?) (No, I’m kidding. Really.)
  4. A napkin, to help hide the evidence that you just tasted the Oreo/Cool Whip concoction

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Step 1: Crush the Cookies

I know it’s hard, but do your best to refrain from eating all of the cookies rightthisverysecond

Step 2: Add the Whipped Topping

See? The lite version. Looks exactly like the regular, but gives me an excuse to eat more piebecause it’s lite!

You may or may not need to taste the whipped topping. It depends on whether you want to save your family from potentially poisonous foods. I do, of course, so I always taste the things I bake for them. Several times. It’s about their safety!

Step 3: Mix and Mix and Mix

Mixing is hard work. Try to contract out to your kids if possible. Convince them that if they taste this before it’s done they could die.

Step 4: Pour/Scrape Into Pie Crust

  • Beware of razor-sharp pie crust tin edges.
  • Scrape all the pie filling into the pie dish. Taste again, because the crust could also be contaminated. You will have a big tower of deliciousness, as shown above.
  • Who’s boss by forcing it to look like a pie. Take a scoop of the filling on your finger and eat it to make an example of what you’ll do if it doesn’t obey.

Step 5: Freeze for 4-5 Hours

Freeze for 4-5 hours or until relatively solid before serving. Keep frozen if you have leftovers (HA!)

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